Halfway Home (CD)

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Halfway Home (CD)


Halfway Home - released 2004, re-released 2011

1. Fall Away
2. Halfway Home
3. Keep In Time
4. Henry & Lil
5. Shadows of Embraces
6. One Day
7. Piccolo Pete
8. In Life With Love
9. Madeline (Paradise Cracked)
10. Triangle Factory Fire

“Misner & Smith make a strong case for music with intricate simplicity and lyrical dignity. This duo is a treasure that needs to be shared.” - Jose Segue, Hicks with Sticks

Recorded Live at Zone Recording Studio, Cotati, CA

Engineered and mixed by Blair Hardman at Zone.

© 2004, 2011 Misner & Smith

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©&℗ 2013 Misner & Smith/Scribble On The Wall Music. All Rights Reserved.

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