In Support of Aqus Cafe Music

It came to our attention that one of our favorite music venues in the city of Petaluma, CA is in danger of having it's live music program shut down. There is a planning department meeting Monday, Nov. 9th to decide the fate of live music at Aqus Cafe. You can send an email of support BEFORE Nov. 9th.
To voice your support please email:

Irene T. Borba
Planning Dept.
City of Petaluma
11 English St.
Petaluma, CA 94952
Refer to File #:09-CUP-0309
For more information please visit Here is our letter of support for Aqus Cafe live music!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sam Misner and I am a Bay Area musician who has played at Aqus Cafe. At the moment I am writing to you from Austin Texas while on tour through the Southwest but i grew up in Petaluma and my family has lived out on King Road for over twenty years. I am immensely proud of my hometown for having such a gem as Aqus Cafe and am pleased to have performed there twice in the last few months, with an upcoming show upon our return from the road. When I heard that there was a real possibility of Aqus losing it's music I sat right down before our show tonight to encourage you to do what's in your power to make sure the city retains this unique haven for musicians, artists, authors and their audiences.

In my travels both as a musician and actor I have seen firsthand how rare it is to find a business so dedicated to nurturing both a community and it's artists. And I mention both because we need both. The artist or musician may be able to create in their own home, for their own eyes and ears, but without a venue in which to share it--one that truly values the work and promotes it--there is a loss, I believe, also to the community which surrounds them. Art and music can bring people together in ways that cannot be duplicated by other forms. A community needs to be able to connect through creativity, and having a place where that is encouraged is essential for those connections to be made.

As a professional musician I seek places like Aqus out because I know my work is respected and valued there. And as a continuing member of the Petaluma community I seek it out because I take comfort in knowing I have somewhere to go to meet and get to know the people who live around me, and share in the joy of creativity.

Thank you for your time, I hope you'll choose to keep Aqus a vibrant part of Petaluma's artistic communtiy.

Best regards,
Sam Misner

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