What is a House Concert?

Since we've been performing at more of these 'House Concert' venues recently we thought we'd explain little more about what they are. This acoustic concert medium is fast becoming one of our favorite ways to share our music and we hope you all will join us for a House Concert experience in the near future!

A House Concert is a fast-growing circuit of performance venues all across the country for acoustic musicians. Generous hosts open their homes to provide a uniquely intimate place for musicians to perform and for music lovers to experience a live show. Imagine seeing your favorite artists or being introduced to new ones in the comfort of a living room. These are not house parties (though they often include pot-lucks) but rather a full-fledged concert with the music being the focus of the night.

Anyone can host a House Concert, even you! It takes a little bit of effort to organize, but is relatively inexpensive, and one of the best ways you can support independent musicians. If you are interested in being a host, or just want more information about house concerts feel free to email us at: sammisner@yahoo.com or check out a great website devoted to these types of shows:

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