The Countdown Begins!

Only 33 days 'til the storm!

We're counting down to the official release of Seven Hour Storm on October 15th and things are getting pretty exciting! We've got some great CD release shows scheduled as well as a couple of great tours including dates in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado!

Since we began this journey over a year ago we've both learned so much about how the music industry works now and all of the details and moving pieces that go into releasing an album independently. It's probably true that those of you who are close to us have heard us say that we've never worked this hard on anything in our lives. Yup, that's still true! And we're so proud of the results!

When we started making this record we knew some about making a studio album but with the support of our fans, friends, and family, we had a budget to really stretch ourselves and experiment during the recording process. We'd never worked with a producer either and we were so lucky to have San Francisco's Jeff Kazor (Richard Buckner, The Crooked Jades), as well as our sound engineer Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club, David Byrne, R.E.M., The Black Crowes). They both approached the project with such creativity and integrity. The result of working with professionals like Jeff and Bruce was that we learned volumes about ourselves, our music, and what we were committing to with this new record.

One of the best things about this project has been all of the fine artists we've been able to collaborate with. Coming soon we'll be sharing our very first music video! 

Deb Tullmann is at the helm on this part of the Seven Hour Storm project. And judging from her formidable talents as an independent filmmaker we're in for a beautiful piece of visual art to pair with the title track of the new record.

                                           M&S Music video coming soon ...

San Francisco - based filmmaker Deb Tullmann captures a shot for our upcoming music video for the title track, 'Seven Hour Storm'. We're thrilled to be working with Deb on this project! There will be more on this later ... as well as who the handsome young fellow is in this picture. ❖

And we'll also be sharing another video very soon about the making of Seven Hour Storm. This video will chronicle our journey on this album and will include footage from our time in the studio, as well as behind the scenes stories about how it all came together!

                                       The Making of Seven Hour Storm ...

Stay tuned for our upcoming behind the scenes video on the making of Seven Hour Storm. Including previews of some of the tracks off of the new album and footage of our time in the studio working with our producer Jeff Kazor and our sound engineer Bruce Kaphan. ❖

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